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How the Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Like most people, you may feel like you don’t have time to think enough about your roof. You might consider changing that, however. Just because you don’t see the top of it day to day doesn’t mean it’s doing fantastic. The weather makes a large impact on any roof out there. What exactly does that mean?

Tornados can certainly damage your roof, but that’s not just type of weather disturbance you need to worry about. As simple and harmless as a rainstorm-or even those ever familiar strong winds-can be, they are enough to create trouble with your roof. You might ask, but how?

Tough Winds

Compared to other portions of your roof, those edges around it are exposed to the highest wind pressure. Which means, as time goes by, strong winds will work the roofing material loose. So whenever those strong winds come around again, they will push the loose material up, and what begins is a chain peeling effect. And the moment even a tiny portion of insulation is exposed, leaks become inevitable. Sometimes, the wind will even carry harmful debris with it – tree branches, glass, etc. – which can damage your roof further.

Torrential Rain

Torrential rains can wear out your roofing material over time. This can make shingles fall off or permit moisture to find its path into the underlayment. As moisture builds up, mold and rot could flourish inside your home. This is not just bad for you and your family’s health, but it is also capable of diminishing your house’ structural integrity. In addition, rainwater can pool on flat areas of your roof. And the longer it remains there, the more water damage is likely.


Hail can harm your roof in various ways. One, you shingles can crack. Sometimes, they could even break. Even if hail only leaves tiny small dents or granules, this can still shorten the shingles’ life. The shingles provide protection to the rest of your roof against UV rays and other destructive outdoor elements. If the shingles are broken, everything that comes with your roof is at risk.

Getting Help from a Roofer

Have you given your roof a weather damage check? You may want to make put that high on your list of priorities as a homeowner. In fact, you should probably do that on a regular basis instead of only when you remember. If you just experienced torrential rains and strong winds, you should get your roof professionally checked right away. Emphasis on the adverb, “professionally.” You may think you know your roof, but surely, only a trained and experienced expert can know it enough.

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